Attack On Titans Review

Attack On Titan was a big hit when it started, till this day a lot of people love the anime, it is one of the best drama and action animes out there.

Attack On Titan follows the story of a boy named Eren, in a world that almost lost the hole mankind several hundred years ago to terrifying giants, all seems pretty peaceful at the moment.

Eren and his step sister Mikasa who lives within the lowest tear wall could only watch as a huge titan broke the wall, as giants came in to the city, Eren’s mother was eaten alive.

Swore to take revenge and kill each and every giant out there, Eren decided he is going to become a Titan killer.

Filled with some epic plot twists and some of the best battle scene to ever make it to the screen, it’s easy to see why it is such a good anime.


So if you are trying to search for an unused plot, this anime is defiantly in my opinion one of the most creative and insane plots ever, I just can’t bring myself to figure out how someone came up with the idea of this story.

Furthermore, in my opinion Attack On Titan is such a realistic anime, there are a lot of deaths and loses even some good characters die, it keeps getting you to think that if the story was real it really is the feeling of the Mc is really relatable and you can be drawn in to the story really fast, a feeling not most anime can give you.

To top it off, Attack on titan plot twist keeps you interested in watching more and more, you can’t wait and see what is up next, the suspense keeps you intrigued and excited threw the hole anime.



The main downside for this anime is its length, the anime for me is just too short, 25 chapter is not enough for me, the content is there, the story is epic, but to stop in the middle is just so sad XOXO…

A second season is supposed to go up in the next year or so hopefully.

Another downside in my opinion is the fact that there are some moments you are so blown out with the plot twists you get that can make you go like “WTF just happened…”, it is really fresh and some people might feel like it’s unique and exciting but most of the time you can’t fully understand things in the anime and that makes you have a lot of questions but so few answers, at least for the first season that is.


Ranking: 31.5/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 9/10 Moons.

The story really has a unique plot line which you just can’t get in other anime, it is well thought out and so well shown that it’s the main reason for its big success in the anime world.

Characters meter: 7.5/10 Moons.

The characters really have depths for then but as the anime is short, the background you get is somewhat not enough for me, the feelings for them are there, I would have liked to see more about some of the other characters’ background accept from the main characters.

Length meter: 6/10 Moons.

The length really isn’t enough, there are some short animes that the length isn’t a problem but this anime really left me with a taste for more which is the reason for the score…

Pros Vs Cons: 8/10 Moons.

Overall the anime is still a great anime, you can’t deny that, at the end of the day even though sometimes there are some things that needs more explanations it’s still amazing.


To sum it up, Attack On Titans is an anime filled with action and full with some of the best fights scenes ever, if you haven’t watched it yet, you should. The excitement I felt threw the hole series threw me of the bat, and I think you would feel like that too.


Fun facts:

  1. Armin voice actress is also the narrator of the series.
  2. The city of attack on titans is based from a real city in Germany called Nördlingen.
  3. Attack On Titan is banned in china for being unhealthy for the development of the youths XD.
  4. Eren has the highest kill rate out of all the trainee squad

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