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Bleach Is one of my favorite anime of all times, the battles, the comedy, the Mc, everything was just all I could have asked for it to be.

The anime is about about a guy called Ichigo, as long as he could remember Ichigo could see spirits, in recent time it seems like he started to see them more and more, one day he saw a death god (also known as “Shinigami”) by the name Rukia, trying to send a spirit to a better world, suddenly he and his family got attacked by a bad spirit called “Hollo”, trying to protect them he suddenly took Rukia’s powers away to fight off the Hollo, this is the start of the only human who became a Shinigami.

Bleach for me really is the best story out there, maybe not the best anime but you can just feel the story down to the chills you get from the scenes and even the feeling of joy when the Mc becomes stronger.


To start with, Bleach story line really is so well thought about, every little step the Mc makes is just so interesting, the feeling of desperately trying to grow stronger for the better of the ones around you, it just sends chills to my body every time I watch it again.

In addition, as I always say, the background of the characters is really important to me, the fact that you get to know the characters better makes the anime feel way better as you tend to relate and understand their personality better, in Bleach you can really fell the characters are based with a lot of characteristics, makes it even more enjoyable to watch.

To top it off, Bleach has that uniqueness that makes it better than almost all the animes out there, the principles the Mc stands for, that feeling you get when he tries to shoulder everything himself, the fact he has so much room to grow, the battels that just become more epic as the story keeps on going, makes it one of my favorites.



I’m kind of bias towards Bleach as it is for me one of the best animes, but there is only one big downside for me. The fact that the anime just stops in the middle of the story left me with a taste for more kind of feeling, it’s frustrating knowing the story goes on but the anime stops, the anime is 366 chapters but the story is still ongoing in the manga, it makes me so sad XOXO…


Ranking: 35.5/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 8.5/10 Moons.

Bleach has the one in a kind feel threw the hole anime, something that’s needs a lot of appreciation, thus the high score.

Characters meter: 9/10 Moons.

The characters are really relatable and have good background about them, you can feel it as the anime keeps going, you get the stories even about non main characters.

Length meter: 9/10 Moons.

Even though the anime doesn’t cover the whole story it still is 366 chapters long, and that’s a good amount of content to see.

Pros Vs Cons: 8/10 Moons.

There are a lot of pros to Bleach, more than I can currently think of, though I would have liked for it to continue maybe one day It will.


So to sum it up, I recommend to anyone who like to see the making of some of the best epic battles the anime world has ever seen. I’m not overrating the anime at all, it really is just a really well made story.


Fun facts:

  1. The name Ichigo comes from the meaning “one who protect”.
  2. The first time bleach was proposed to be published as a manga it was rejected.
  3. Chad tattoo means “Love and Death”.
  4. The anime itself cut off a lot of the manga content to get to soul society faster.

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