Fairy Tail Review

Fairy tail is probably the most disappointing anime I have ever watched. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be harsh, it’s just my opinion of it, I loved … Read More →

Beelzebub Review

Beelzebub is a pure comedy and action anime, a man’s anime all the way through. The story takes place in a school that has 100% delinquents. Our Mc Oga, also … Read More →

Sword Art Online Review

Sword Art Online for me is the best gaming anime, at least currently, the anime really sends shivers in my spines just because of the mind blowing situation our Mc … Read More →

Hunter x Hunter Review

Hunter x Hunter was a really big surprise for me. I came to watch it late after a lot of good animes like One Piece, Naruto and Attack On Titans, and … Read More →

One Punch Man Review

One Punch Man, the best comedy anime I have ever watched. I decided to review this short gem because of the pure comedy sense of the anime. The story talks … Read More →

Bleach Riview

Bleach Is one of my favorite anime of all times, the battles, the comedy, the Mc, everything was just all I could have asked for it to be. The anime … Read More →

Naruto Review

Naruto is probably the most seen anime of all times. Naruto is an orphan kid, when he was born his father, the latest village leader (also known as Hokage) sealed … Read More →

One Piece Review

One piece is one of the best animes out there. The anime tells us the exciting story of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy (17 years old) who tries to become … Read More →