Fairy Tail Review

Fairy tail is probably the most disappointing anime I have ever watched. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be harsh, it’s just my opinion of it, I loved how it starts but hate when the time skip accrues. It still is a great anime to a lot of people so don’t judge it yet.

The story takes place in a world filled with magic, thus mage guilds were born. One of the biggest and well known guilds is “Fairy Tail”. Lucy, who is one of our main characters always dreamt to become a part of Fairy Tail. In her quest to find a way to become a part of the guild she stumbles upon Natsu, a transportation-sick boy who is a powerful mage himself. What she still doesn’t know is that she is closer to her dream than ever before, because Natsu is part of Fairy Tail himself.

That’s how we get to see the team of Natsu and Lucy in their way to become powerful magicians and keep the legend of Fairy Tail alive.


To start with, Fairy Tail has a really good comedy sense all the way through the anime, which you can definitely feel even though there are a lot of action and bad moments to it. It makes the watching way more fun, and the content becomes light and better.

In addition, I really do love how the Main characters develops, the feelings, the rage, the strive to be better and stronger for the sakes of the people that surrounds you, make the anime that much better.

To top it off, the anime is filled with a mix of drama, action and some of the best battle scenes to ever make it to the screen. which can all make you a big fan of it.



There is only one noticeable downside to the anime, but it is so huge to me that it disappoints me a lot. To me a good anime needs to remember that if it is going to be a long one, you always need to keep the characters enough room to develop, otherwise the main characters becomes a bit too much powerful in comparison to others. The creator done something I just hate, he made the characters to powerful so to keep up with the story and make more develop room, he decided to make the time skip so bad, that the main characters stayed the same, and everybody else got stronger.

In my opinion Fairy Tail time skip is the worst time skip I have seen, even more so because it is such a good anime.


Ranking: 31/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 8/10 Moons.

The story is fresh and simple, the scenes are filed with good comedy and action threw the whole anime, and you can really feel it when watching the anime.

Characters meter: 7/10 Moons.

The characters are really well thought about, their drive for power, their abilities, every little detail about them is perfect. But to the point they don’t have enough room to grow, which can be frustrating because it made the time skip sucks.

Length meter: 9/10 Moons.

Fairy Tail has 2 seasons, combined above 250 chapters which is a lot of content to watch. Something I like about every good anime.

Pros Vs Cons: 7/10 Moons.

The time skip is bad, let’s face it. But there is more to this anime, it has a lot of pros, and it can always make me have a good laugh.


To sum it up, even though I don’t really like what Fairy Tail has to offer in the long term, I still recognize a great anime, with a lot of humor and great characters. You have to try and watch it and decide for yourself if you like it or not.


Fun facts:

  1. Erza was supposed to have a Rocker Punk style of behaving until the creator decided to change it.
  2. The creator said, that if Natsu and Lucy ever had a child it would be named “Nashi”.
  3. Natsu was supposed to have horns before the manga was brought to life.
  4. The anime was supposed to skip some of the main scenes because it was thought to be shorter then what it has become.

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