High School DxD Review

High school DxD is my favorite Ecchi and comedy anime, even though there are some topless scenes to the anime, the anime is pure comedy at that. I really like how the story develops, and the anime had me laughing threw all of the 3 seasons.

The story is a take about the demon world. Our Mc Issei is a really perverted guy, he can’t stop trying to peek and look at girls at his school.

To his surprise, one day after school a really cute girl asked him out. Only then he found out that the girl is not human. In the midst of things, she killed him. His only dying wish was to die on the breast of a beautiful girl he just couldn’t forget about.

That’s how our Mc was brought to a realization that his world is nothing like he thought to be, thus started the quest to create a harem of slaves.


To start with, the Ecchiness (pervert in Japanese) adds to the comedy of the series so much. The scenes are so ridiculously funny and fresh, you just finding yourself laughing nonstop.

In addition, the story is the making of every geek who wanted a sexy girlfriend, you can’t respect the anime any more than this for the sheer awesomeness of its plot.

To top it off, the anime includes rivalry, battles and some really amazing scenes overall, and to me that takes the anime to a whole different level.



Even though I really like the anime, it has some cons to be honest. One of them being the fact that you get no background at all about our Mc, it could have been even more awesome if there was some background to him.

Moreover, the anime stops in the middle. Like I always say, if the plot isn’t ended it is a flaw. The manga shows no signs of progress in the last two years I have been fallowing it so the story just stopped progressing, and we might not see how it ends.


Ranking: 29.5/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 8.5/10 Moons.

The anime to me has such a different story in comparison to other anime, the plot is just special and takes your watching experience to the extreme.

Characters meter: 7.5/10 Moons.

Even though the Mc doesn’t have any background to him at all, in a comedy you notice it to a very little extent. The characteristics are so good, and you can just feel it threw the whole anime and not just some parts of it, you just get a piece of everything.

Length meter: 6/10 Moons.

The anime itself has 3 seasons of 12 chapters each, some specials and short films. But there is just not a lot of content to it because it doesn’t stop there, the story needs to keep going.

Pros Vs Cons: 7.5/10 Moons.

Over all the anime is great, some of you may not even feel the cons to this anime, so it deserves appreciation.

To sum it up, if you don’t care for some middle grade nudity to give a kick to comedy, you should really love this anime. Even though you might don’t like the fact there are a lot of Ecchi scenes, you should still try it. You won’t be disappointed.



Fun facts:

  1. Though Issei touched a lot of breast in the anime, he is still a virgin XD.
  2. Chapter 2 at the first season actually was edited, because when Issei’s mom walked in on him and Rias, a part of his genitals was shown.
  3. There is actually a censored and uncensored series to the anime, while some in the uncensored are censored already.

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