Hunter x Hunter Review

Hunter x Hunter was a really big surprise for me. I came to watch it late after a lot of good animes like One Piece, Naruto and Attack On Titans, and I have never expected for it to be this good of an anime.

The anime takes us to a world where all of the big world problems are solved by Hunters, an organization of the strongest adventurers all over the world. The license of the Hunters alone worth millions and people try their hardest to get one for various reasons.

Our Mc Gon Freecss is a son of a Hunter, one of the world greatest Hunters Ging Freecss. Left by his dad when he was young, Gon always dreamt of becoming a Hunter. Trying to become a Hunter and find his father, the anime takes us to a wild spin of events, battles and some of the best stories the anime world has to offer.


To start with Hunter x Hunter is unique in any aspect of the anime. There isn’t any anime like it and you can just feel it by watching and getting inside the story. The story is like a fantasy world but with real aspects like death and the fact that there is some realism in some aspects to the story.

In addition, like I always say, a good anime is an anime you can relate to the main characters and that has a good background to it. You can just really feel both of those aspect when watching the anime. The fact that you get a good amount of information about the characters make you feel like you know the story better and just makes the anime more interesting.

To top it off Hunter x Hunter is just one of the most exciting anime to watch. The battles, the scenes, the plot, everything was put with so much care. It is just amazing when you take a moment to think about it, everything about the anime makes you drawn to the story even more, you just can’t ask for something better.



Hunter x Hunter has one major downside in my opinion, being that the anime isn’t ongoing and is finished for now. The creator decided to stop updating the story at some point for some unknown reasons to me, and it’s always annoying to stop the story in the middle.


Ranking: 35.5/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 10/10 Moons.

The story of this anime is just one of a kind, you can’t replicate the amount of thought that was put in the plot for the story.

Characters meter: 9.5/10 Moons.

Each and every characters have its own unique feel to it. You get to know and love the characters or hate for a reason, because it was meant to be that way, and it makes the anime an amazing experience to watch.

Length meter: 8/10 Moons.

The anime currently has 148 chapters, which is a decent amount of content to be fair.

Pros Vs Cons: 8/10 Moons.

To be fair, the anime has so much good points about it, it is a real masterpiece. But the fact that we might never see the end of the story makes it a tiny bit less than perfect.


To sum it up, Hunter x Hunter is a must watch. Every anime lover have to give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed at all. The anime really is a great watching experience.


Fun facts:

  1. Gon and Killua Voice actresses are actually girls.
  2. Kalluto who seems like a girl, is actually Killua’s younger brother.
  3. Ging was the only Hunter to pass in his test to become a Hunter.

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