The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School really surprised me a lot to say the least. In a time where to my opinion no new anime is quite worth mentioning as this one, this relatively new anime really got me caught up in it’s interesting and unique plot.

The anime takes us to a world where magic was found a century ago. In current days there is a high school called A.K.A Magic high school. This school is renowned as the best place to learn magic. Our Main characters are two siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki, while the brother is weak at magic and is the lowest rank at school, the sister is the representative of the upcoming class and has the higher rank.

While it may seem to others that Tatsuya is weak because of his magic quantity, he is a special project of the military and has powers beyond measures.

The story takes us to the experiences both siblings go through while studying there, having amazing battle scenes and a unique feel to the anime is just a part of the mix.


To start with, the characters are so well made, it feels like every little detail adds to the mix of the story. The characteristics of the characters especially the Main Characters really brings the story up to life. The siblings have deep backgrounds to them, and you can see a dark side to the story that makes you want to keep on watching.

In addition, the plot is so intelligent. You can feel in every scene of the anime that everything is so well thought and has a crucial part in the story that it just makes you really love the story. The level of imagination that you need to make it so that you can really believe unreal story makes it even more special.

To top it off, the anime has so much to offer, the battles are awesome. The feeling that everyone sees you as if you are week; but actually you can break them in a second kind of feeling just takes my breath away.



As I always say, to me an anime that I won’t get to see how it ends is not perfect. The manga doesn’t have good and recent releases and I feel like there is no end in sight.

Moreover, the anime leaves no place for the Protagonists to grow, and it makes it hard for me as I really can’t have no growth to them.


Ranking: 28.5/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 8.5/10 Moons.

You can really feel how amazing the creator must be to think of such a deep plot, the story is unique and special. I can’t say nothing else, it really is a masterpiece of a plot.

Characters meter: 8/10 Moons.

The characters are really well made in every aspect. Even though the background isn’t perfect, it makes the story better because the mysterious past of the two sibling is part of the plot.

Length meter: 5/10 Moons.

The anime is just 24 chapters, while not as long as I would for it to be, it isn’t short as 12 chapters. I guess it could have been worse.

Pros Vs Cons: 7/10 Moons.

Even though the feeling that the protagonists don’t have the room to grow really gets to me, I still really like this anime. To me the felling of wanting to fallow the updates of an anime every week is special. This anime has so much good pros to it that I couldn’t help myself but to wait every week for its release.

To sum it up, if you love deep and unique stories, you are into battles and amazing scenes, this anime is a great anime for you. The action is epic and I kid you not, you might really like it and try to finish it as fast as you can.



Fun facts:

  1. Tatsuya was actually banished from the Yotsuba family, but at one point he said he doesn’t need much more time to fight them.
  2. Tatsuya doesn’t have any feelings to anyone but his sister.
  3. Even though there is a slight incest feeling to the story, the two are real siblings and can’t do nothing about it.


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