Naruto Review

Naruto is probably the most seen anime of all times.

Naruto is an orphan kid, when he was born his father, the latest village leader (also known as Hokage) sealed inside of him an evil devil beast.

The story takes us to Naruto life trying to keep up with the fact that every one that sees him is afraid of the beast inside him, trying to be loved by the people he decides he will become the next Hokage of the village.

While being kind of childish at first, Naruto takes us to the ninja world full of battels and deep stories, good drama moments and true friendship.

It’s not your regular opinion about ninja believe me.


To start with Naruto can get you to relate to the Mc really quickly, you can just feel what the Mc feels threw the whole story, there are scenes you just want to cry and scenes you just can’t stop laughing, that mix between comedy, action and a little bit of drama just wins your view about the whole anime and that is probably the reason for its popularity.

In addition, Naruto has the best characters Characteristics in the anime world, what I mean by that is that as much as I love Naruto himself you can say that about almost every character, you can relate to each of their thoughts, something other animes just don’t have, plus the development of those characters is just so good, it’s like each and everyone has a different path that he took but at the end they all connect to the same point.

Furthermore, like every good anime it just has a lot of content, you have so much of it to watch you just want more.


To me there are 2 noticeable downsides to Naruto, the first may be a surprise for most people, I just hate the fact Naruto is split to Naruto and Naruto shippuuden, the fact that it’s split to before and after the Time Skip (a jump in time that you don’t see in the anime, you see only the results, usually come in big animes like One Piece) makes it so some people just starts with Naruto Shippuuden without watching Naruto, it’s such a bad choice to do so because you miss a lot of background story that just doesn’t come up again.

The second downside is that in my opinion Naruto after the Time Skip is just too weak for it to really be a good Time Skip, it feels that he didn’t grew as much in power as he should have.

Ranking:38/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 9/10 Moons.

Naruto really is a masterpiece of an anime but there are some parts that just feels like it’s too much of a drag at the beginning at least.

Characters meter: 10/10 Moons.The characters are well thought about, you can relate to each and every one of them, it’s got unique feel to them, which make Naruto the most popular out there.

Length meter: 10/10 Moons.

Naruto has a lot of chapters to watch’ it never runs old and you just can’t stop watching it.

Pros Vs Cons: 9/10 Moons.

The anime has so many good pros, it is so entertaining to watch, of course it deserves a good grade even threw the cons.


To summarize, Naruto is unique, there aren’t more animes like it’ I really do recommend starting to watch from the beginning of the anime, it really is a must watch on anybody’s list if he is interested in anime.


Fun facts:

1. Naruto’s favorite shop to eat ramen at (“Ichiraku”) exist in real life.

2. The anime was supposed to be canceled because the high amounts of death XD.

3. Naruto’s voice actors in both dubbed and subbed versions are girls.

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