No Game No Life Review

No Game No Life is one of my favorite stories out there. When the anime started, I thought it was going to be just another anime, to my surprise the whole anime got me excited to fallow updates again.

The story takes us to the life of two step siblings, Sora and Shiro. Sora who is fairly old and currently a “Neet” (someone without a job who stays at home) and Shiro who is fairly young. The both of them are a team known by the name of “Blank” in every gaming community out there.

One day, they got a request for a simple game in chess, threw the combined afford and brilliant game sense of them both they managed to win the game. After the game they got transferred to a different world, a world where the rules are simply fallowed by winning games. Thus the new heroes of humanity were brought to that world.


To start with, the story is like non other anime before it, it can make one wonder how can you imagine a story like that, it was so well done and thought about it makes you just love it in every aspect of it.

In addition, the story takes us to mind blowing games, which can just make you laugh nonstop, the comedy sense, the amazing games, the perverted (Ecchi in Japanese) scenes (filled with comedy of course), it is a really gem of an anime.

To top it off, the thing that drown me the most to love this anime is that feeling of wanting to find meaning for the main characters. For them the world they used to live in was just a bad game, and some of us can relate to that feeling sometimes, which can really make you relate and love the story even more.



Like any anime, even though everything sounds good, there are some downsides to this anime.

Firstly, the anime is just short, for now there is only 12 chapters, and the story is far from finishing. You get the feeling the kind of rushed with the anime to get money to keep the manga going. Which is ok, but takes away some of the charm from the anime to me.

Moreover, even though it is a comedy I would have liked to get a little bit more background about the characters just to relate to them even more. That tiny bit of information goes a long way for me.


Ranking: 28/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 9/10 Moons.

You can’t say the story isn’t amazing, you get the feeling that no other anime was like this before in every chapter.

Characters meter: 8/10 Moons.

The characters are special in every aspect. Even though there is little background around them, you can feel like the characteristics are just amazing, it takes the anime to a whole new level.

Length meter: 3/10 Moons.

Though I really love this anime, I can’t deny the fact there are just 12 chapters, there is quality but no quantity, and you can really feel it.

Pros Vs Cons: 8/10 Moons.

The cons are nowhere as noticeable as the pros, this anime really is a masterpiece to me.


To sum it up, the score isn’t a factor in watching this anime, I guarantee that if you have common sense and you love anime you won’t help yourself but to love this one. One of the most enjoyable anime I have ever watched.

Fun facts:

  1. At the first chapter the name of the site the chess game took place is the same as the name of the world they go transferred to “Disboard”.
  2. The world of Disboard is put in a way that if you take each and every piece of chess from each kind you can play a chess game with the god Tet.
  3. The creator of No Game No Life actually oriented from brazil then moved to japan and later became a manga artist.
  4. The website that the chess game was played on was actually a real site with trivia question of Tet. you might want to give it a try!


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