One Piece Review

One piece is one of the best animes out there.

The anime tells us the exciting story of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy (17 years old) who tries to become the next pirate king.

Gold D. Roger the last pirate king, the most powerful pirate to ever sail in the Grand Line, died by the hands of the government, before he died he sent every pirate to go and search for his treasure, the One Piece.

Luffy who looks up to an old pirate who saved his life, decides he want to become the next pirate king. In contrast to the reasons a normal pirate would want to become the next king and find One Piece, Luffy wants to find new adventures and companions with pure feelings.

In what seems to be one of the best plot out there and certainty the best pirate story, this anime has one of the best character’s developments I have ever seen (coming from someone who saw above 300 animes that’s deep).



So I already talked about the character’s development, but to be more specific, what I mean by that is that by contrast to other animes you always get the feeling that Luffy has room to grow, in a lot of other animes the Mc (main character) is just to strong (fairy tale for example). That for me just ruin the hole feeling of trying to connect to the characters, plus all of the other characters has some deep meaning and good story behind them.

In addition, the anime never fails to surprise in how every little detail is there for a reason, for example you can find a character you never thought have even the slightest context to anything and find it 200 chapters later serving its role, it’s just so amazing the way the creator connects things like that.

To add even more it has a lot of content, what I first look in an anime is the length, if the story is good I can’t help but want more and one piece really give me that kick.



To tell you the truth this anime has only one con to notice that makes it just a tiny bit worse and it is its fillers, not noticeable until later (200 chapters or so) it has chapter with no connection to the main plot, the reason for that is that the anime sometimes gets closer to the manga (the comic the anime oriented from) and that is bad for the publishers so they come up with fillers, chapters who aren’t in the manga, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s just boring as hell. That’s the biggest downsize to One Piece I can think of.


Ranking: 39.5/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 10/10 Moons.

To think this anime started decades ago and still has surprises till this day just blow my mind and that is the reason for such a high score.

Characters meter: 10/10 Moons.

You really see that so much thought was put in for each and every characters, their backgrounds, their dreams and so on, it really deserves its spotlight.

Length meter: 10/10 Moons.

One of the Longest animes out there of course its 10/10.

Pros Vs Cons: 9.5/10 Moons.

To be honest this anime is arguably the best out there but for me nothing is perfect, the fillers are annoying sometimes but not as much as it’s fun to watch the other parts and it really is just a small part of the anime.


To sum up, this anime is really all you can search for in an anime and some of you might just leave it in the middle, to be honest I did, like 3 times but each and every time I came back and continued till this day, I really recommend it for everyone who love action, don’t be afraid because it’s long, it’s worth it.


Fun facts about one piece:

  1. One piece was created 20 years ago and will probably last for another 10 years according to oda, the one who created One Piece.
  2. Sunji was meant to be called Naruto but we all know who Naruto is…
  3. Some may believe that the addition of the letter D to your name give it special meaning (Gold D. Roger, Monkey D. Dragon, Monkey D. Luffy, Marshal D. Teach), some may even think it’s the reason for Teach’s 2 powers.
  4. if you think way back to where we first saw Dragon it was lightning that time, but we already know Enel ate the Lightning fruit, so some may believe he can control weather.

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