One Punch Man Review

One Punch Man, the best comedy anime I have ever watched.

I decided to review this short gem because of the pure comedy sense of the anime.

The story talks about Saitama, a regular salaryman who one day decided he is done with his work, full with disparity from his job he remembers that his dream was to become a hero.

In his way to become a hero he trained so hard he became bold and now he can beat every perp with only one punch.

It is the story about an Overpowered hero who can’t find excitement in fighting any more.

I can’t count how many time I almost peed myself while watching the anime, the comedy is epic in every way, you can’t deny that.


To start with, I had already watched above 300 animes, which means I’m a tough person to please, One Punch Man made me go back to when I was waiting for the updates every week, I couldn’t wait to see it, it was fresh, something I have never seen before, it gives you the feeling you can forget for 20 minutes about everything except for laughing.

Secondly, as I was mentioning in the summery, One Punch Man is pure comedy, even though there are epic battle scenes, the anime is just so funny and entertaining to watch you just can’t be disappointed.

To top it off, the Mc isn’t being a hero for some deep meaning or cause, he does it because he loves to, as a hobby, he has those kind of characteristics anyone can relate to, which make the anime even more fun to watch.



There is one major con for me which you can sense the most, there are only 12 chapters to the anime, it bums me out to know that the manga has a lot more content to put in for the anime but the anime has only 12 chapters, I feel like I want more but can’t get it.


Ranking: 30/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 9/10 Moons.

One Punch Man deserves the spotlight for its epic story and comedy sense and to think it was started as a comedy comic on a website just like mine makes it even more creative than it already is.

Characters meter: 8/10 Moons.

Even though in a comedy you really don’t need a lot of information about the characters for it to be funny, you can’t fully relate and understand the whole story without the decent amount of information, but at the end of the day in this anime it is certainly less noticeable.

Length meter: 4/10 Moons.

You can really feel like there is too little content to watch in my opinion. I just wish there was more because there can be more to it.

Pros Vs Cons: 9/10 Moons.

Even though the length is a big issue it already got a bad rank in the length meter. There are a lot of pros and almost no cons at all and that is a good anime for me.


To sum it up, I recommend this anime to any comedy lover out there, I can really say that it’s the best comedy I have watched and I feel like you would think that way too.


Fun facts:

  1. One punch man started as a web comic by a student, while he was really working hard by himself one day he just couldn’t keep it up and when the drawer of the manga EyeShield 21, Yusuke Murata heard about that he decided to draw it professionally as a manga and the rest is well known.
  2. The anime has a lot of mentioning of other big animes like Piccolo from Dragon Ball who appeared in the first chapter, or Gon from Hunter X Hunter which his attack jujunken is Saitama’s attack also. And many more, it is said it is because of those big animes that the web comic started.
  3. Saitama is actually the name of the city that the creator of One Punch Man lives in.

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