Sword Art Online Review

Sword Art Online for me is the best gaming anime, at least currently, the anime really sends shivers in my spines just because of the mind blowing situation our Mc is in.

The story talks about a time where the gaming industry already developed to virtual reality MMORPG style games.

A new game by the name Sword Art Online has been released to the gamers community, our Mc Kirito who was a beta tester can’t stop himself to start playing, only to find out that once you get in you can’t leave. The game developer set the game in a way that when you die inside the game you also die outside.

Filed with mixed feeling about the situation, Kirito did what he knows best, try and beat the game as fast as he can.


To start with again, this kind of story blew off any other gaming anime right out of the window, the plot was so interesting, the story really feels real, not some nice fantasy anime, there are a lot of people who die, it makes the anime even more exciting.

In addition, you can’t bear to love how Kirito evolves with the anime, he really does change in every aspect of the anime, it makes you relate to him and get the kind of feeling you just can’t stop watching what will he do next.

To top it off, the battle scenes, the drama, the unexpected deaths of people who you would have never thought would die is just amazing altogether.



There are some downsides to the anime, in the late part of the first season you feel like the story just stops and doesn’t meet your expectations, but the second season shakes you off that feeling to be true.

Moreover, at least in the first season you get the feeling like the story jumps from time to time, without letting you know the whole time what is going on.


Ranking: 31.5/40 Moons.

Creativity meter: 8.5/10 Moons.

The story is fresh and unique like any good anime, the scenes are well made and well thought about, and it really is the reason od this anime popularity.

Characters meter: 7.5/10 Moons.

To be honest, it may be harsh, but except for the fact you get a really good developing main characters there is near to no background to speak of, and I think it is missing to some point of degree. But at the end of the day, the story tries to make you ask yourself “what would I do in that situation?”, so the less background the better I guess.

Length meter: 7.5/10 Moons.

Both seasons combined has 49 chapters, which in the anime world is decent length if you take to account most of the animes. But in comparison to great animes the length isn’t much.

Pros Vs Cons: 8/10 Moons.

There are a lot of pros to this anime, you can’t but love it all the way, but to me there are some cons who drop the grade of this anime.


Fun facts:

  1. The anime is based on a real video game.
  2. SAO age rating is actually 14+ but like in real life, there are people like Silica who is 12 that are playing the game.
  3. Asuna actually plays the game by mistake, it was supposed to be her brother who should have played instead.
  4. Accel World was created by the same author as SAO.

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